We are a small team of professionals who have worked with one of the largest forces in Scotland and a large number of potential recruits on training courses designed around the Standard Entrance Test.

Our remit was to investigate ways of helping candidates improve on their performance. As a result, we have in-depth knowledge of the Test and how best to help you pass it.
police training exercice

In our opinion, the Standard Entrance Test is unusual and there are many ways to fail:

  • You need to pass all three papers: Language, Numbers and Information Handling
  • You need to get two thirds of questions in each paper correct to pass
  • You need to sit all three in this order without a break
  • You are not allowed reference books or a calculator
  • The tests are unlike anything else you have come across in textbooks or self-help study aids available in the marketplace.

On our courses, candidates wanted to work on practice papers based upon the exam. That was difficult, because there weren't any! So we got writing............

We are continually working to improve our service, and are delighted to update our provision. We can not only provide a tutor for the SET papers but also one of our team is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and can offer preparation for exam nerves, interviews and for personal development.

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