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Language Support 3

vocabulary: tense I could not understand how the patient seemed so ---------------- to pain. impetuous | impressive | imperviousCorrect | impudent impetuous means doing something rashly or suddenly without thought / with sudden energy, moving quickly or violently impressive means able to excite deep feelings especially of approval or admiration Impervious to something means not [...]

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Language Support 2

Spelling tip: Words ending in -able are usually made from two separate words that make sense individually. When ‘able is added to a word that ends in -e, the e at the end of the word is usually removed. Often, if a word ends in -y, the y is replaced with an i before the [...]

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Language Support 1

Vocabulary To incur means to bring something onto oneself such as danger, blame, loss etc To procure means to obtain, gain or acquire something by care or effort To redeem means to gain back something (could be eg honour) by making a payment or effort towards eg a debt. This is sometimes done by presenting [...]

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Welcome to the new member’s site

Our new site launches today with loads of information about joining the Police force in Scotland. To get access to all of the content please Sign Up, and watch out for our daily updates.


Numbers Detailed Preparation Question 19

Percentages: Question 19 Specimen paper: A packet of breakfast cereal usually contains 940 grams. A special offer pack provides 20% extra for the same price. How much breakfast cereal do you get in the special offer pack? (1,000 grams = 1 kilogram) This is a slight variation on question 13 but you can still use [...]


scottish police service national fitness standard

All candidates are required to be physically fit. After passing the Standard Entrance Test (possibly immediately after) candidates are required to attempt The National Fitness Standard assessment. This involves either a multi-stage fitness test or a mile and a half run (without stopping) in line with the standards below. The assessment is based on age [...]

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scottish police

The probationary period lasts two years during which time there is intensive training and progress is constantly monitored. Initially training will be delivered from the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan, and at various Police Scotland Training and Recruitment Centres as well as within Divisions. As with all other area, candidates should be familiar with the [...]

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police careers scotland

Candidates applying for the police service in Scotland are strongly recommended to do their homework before they are called for either the SET, fitness test or interview. Police recruitment in Scotland in 2013 has been virtually non-existent pending the creation of the single force. Any candidates lucky enough to get through the recruitment process would [...]

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police training in Scotland

If lucky enough to be successful at the recruitment stages, you can look forward to commencing your training at the Scottish Police Training College based at Tulliallan in Kincardine-on-Forth, Fife. Tulliallan is the only police college in the UK to offer centralised police training from recruit to command level. All police training is headquartered here, and [...]

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Police Entrance Test

Police Entrance Test Of all the uniformed services, the police service is the most popular. It attracts the most applications and has the choice of the highest calibre applicants. So it goes without saying that competition will be fierce and entrance requirements will be stringent. Anyone who goes into the recruitment process less than fully [...]

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Police Practice Papers

Police Practice Papers Police Practice Papers are excellent preparation for the Standard Entrance Test (known as the SET test), the written test element of the recruitment procedure used by the Police Service of Scotland or Police Scotland. The SET test was used by all of the eight police forces prior to the current single force. [...]

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Police Training Scotland

The Police Service of Scotland (or Police Scotland) has now come into effect replacing the former eight police forces. Here at Police Training Scotland we wish Police Scotland all the best for the future. It may well be that the recruitment process in the future will change, but for the moment the process remains relatively [...]