Language Support 3

vocabulary: tense I could not understand how the patient seemed so ---------------- to pain. impetuous | impressive | imperviousCorrect | impudent impetuous means doing something rashly or suddenly without thought / with sudden energy, moving quickly or violently impressive means able to excite deep feelings especially of approval or admiration Impervious to something means not [...]

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Language Support 2

Spelling tip: Words ending in -able are usually made from two separate words that make sense individually. When ‘able is added to a word that ends in -e, the e at the end of the word is usually removed. Often, if a word ends in -y, the y is replaced with an i before the [...]

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Language Support 1

Vocabulary To incur means to bring something onto oneself such as danger, blame, loss etc To procure means to obtain, gain or acquire something by care or effort To redeem means to gain back something (could be eg honour) by making a payment or effort towards eg a debt. This is sometimes done by presenting [...]

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